Women's March Zine



On January 21st, 2017, the day after President Donald Trump's inauguration, I joined hundreds of thousands of women, men and children in New York City to protest the President's regressive views with regards to civil rights and equality. I brought along my Pentax K1000 from high school (and loads of film thanks to my good friend Juana) to document the peaceful and emotional Saturday in our city. The mood that morning was somber and the atmosphere of the city reflected it; a heavy fog enveloped the tops of many skyscrapers as if the buildings too were hiding their heads in shame. However despite the prescient gloom of the afternoon, the protestors' spirits remained high and voices loud. The photos I took barely reflect a portion of that day, but I wanted to capture the feeling of many people I knew (myself included), which was disbelief. Many photos I got back turned out shaky or out of focus (I hadn't used this camera in 10 years and wasn't too hot with the focus ring), but I think this suits the hazy atmosphere of the day well. I've decided to split three quarters of the the proceeds from this book (the other 1/4 going to printing costs) to Planned Parenthood and to the ACLU, two organizations which will need everyone's support in the next four years provided that Trump follows through with some promises made during his campaign.

The book features a pink vellum cover and is 42 pages long, with mostly full-spread black and white images from January 21st.

Edition of 40.